What is Simpli Finance?

Simpli Finance aims to create quality data-driven investments in DeFi, currently with just one click, you are able to get AI Optimized Yield Farming Strategies.

How does the Simpli Finance AI work?

We have multiple AI and strategies but all of them take into account a multitude of factors such as impermanent loss, a farm’s trust score, and many more in determining the β€œmaximum drawdown” of any given asset. This number gives you the worst case scenario for that asset, backed by real empirical data.

What is the use case of the $SIMPLI token?

Make sure to check out our tokenomics section.

How does staking $SIMPLI token work?

Staking $SIMPLI gives you xSIMPLI as 20% of the farming fees will be redistributed to $SIMPLI stakers.

How can I use Simpli Finance to make money?

We have made this guidebook for you!

What is the difference between expected return and APR?

The expected return displayed on our web app is the actual APR you can expect within a year. This is because it takes into account things like impermanent loss as well as price appreciation or depreciation. You can read more about it here!

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